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What is "PORT A LA VISTA"?

When people hear the word ‘harbor’ is not aware of the importance of maritime transport on their daily lives. In this experience, we open the door to an unknown and exotic world. This reality is a part of Barcelona. We want that adults and children be aware of the reality of the ships and all that surrounds them in their activities.

For over 25 years, we offer a tour in a traditional Golondrina with a guide that explains along the route the function of the harbor as issuers/receivers of goods and passengers, the history of the Port of Barcelona and its relationship with the city, as well as the rest of the country.

How is the trip?

The journey lasts one hour (60 minutes) during which the students and teachers / instructors, will be aboard in a classic Golondrina. The Golondrina will go across the docks of the Port of Barcelona. The minimum capacity to make the trip is 20 students..


What languages is available "Port a la vista"?

The trip can be done in the following languages:






How to make a reservation?

Through our booking area booking area you can make the application, for do this are required the following information:

The date and time you want to travel (the schedule is more below).

Number of students and number of teachers / instructors.

Course or age of the students.

Name of the center.

Name of contact person.

Center or mobile phone that is used in the excursions.

How can I confirm my reservation?

Once we receive this information, we will send you an email to confirm your reservation. If we do not have availability, in the same email we will give you several options, both dates and hours of departure.

What is the schedule of service?

This service is available from Monday to Friday during the school year. No service is realized during the school holiday periods (Christmas, Easter and summer).

Departures differ depending on the time of year with the following schedule:

From 1 October to 15 December 2016.

10: 00h, 11: 00h, 12: 00h and 13: 00h.

From 15 January 2017 to 31 March 2017.

10: 00h, 11: 00h, 12: 00h and 13: 00h

From 1 April 2017 to 15 June 2017

10: 00h, 11: 00h, 12: 00h, 13: 00h, 15: 00h, 16: 00h and 17: 00h

What are the prices and payment terms?

If you pay the same day by cash or card, the price is:

€ 7,30 per student (I.V.A. included).

If you pay by bank transfer will be a discount per student at the time of booking.


If you pay by bank transfer will be a discount per student at the time of booking.

The activity is free for teachers. The deadline for incomes is seven days (7) before departure. If the payments are realized or become too late, we not conserved the discount and you must pay the difference the same day of departure.

How can I cancel my reservation?

To cancel please send an email stating your intention and booking details. In case of you retain a thread; we only need receive and email indicating your petition of not to make the trip.

For bookings that you will pay the day of departure:

We ask that if you have not paid in advance, you make it at most 48 hours before departure to facilitate the organization of the book.

For bookings with transfer:

If the transfer is done before 48 hours of departure, the entire amount will be refunded. It this is done during 48 hours prior to departure only the 50% of the total amount will be refunded

Can I make a prepayment offer price, just in case?

Reservations must be made with the total transfer for all students. Well, capacity is limited and we must know how many people come up to avoid excess of passengers. If this occurs, the students will not make the trip.

What happen if at the day of the reservation there are fewer students than the number of booking?

You should warn when get the ticket if there are any miss students in the day of booking. We will pay you the difference with cash and the responsible of the group must sign a receipt to indicate the delivered of money.

Can we travel alone on the boat?

The idea is that there is only one group for travel and boat, however, for the small groups there is the possibility of traveling with other schools in the same boat. In this case, you will be groups of similar ages to adapt the explanation of the guide to an adequate level.

We can go together if we are a big group?

The capacity of classic boats is 145 persons, of which fit between 80 and 100 people on the top cover depending of the Golondrina service. This is another reason why it is better for us to know the number of students: If you are a big group, you can make several trips (time, date) or even in two boats at the same time and day if the service is available.

Where is the meeting point for the day of your reservation?

On the day of you booking, all the members of the group will present fifteen (15) minutes before the departure time at the ticket office of "Las Golondrinas" to get the boarding ticket.

Is necessary to bring something special?

If payment is made by bank transfer you must deliver a copy of the receipt for get the ticket. You may not embark until the group leader show the ticket at the gate. We recommend to bring warm clothing according to the season even the trip is done near the summer, there is always breeze or the weather may change. You cannot forget sunglasses and sunscreen!

Why is important to arrive before?

To ensure quality service to all, we ask the cooperation of our customers.

Therefore, from the direction of Sirens SA "The Golondrinas" we inform you that if you arrive late or the ship is on delay for causes originated for the group the travel time will be subtracted to arrive in time to the next service.

What happen if you're late?

If you arrive late and you share the trip with another school that is already on board, the ship will not wait you. In these cases we not return the money. We try to get you another time tour for the same day or the possibility to book another date.

If there is bad weather just to reach the port, you can cancel the trip?

If there is availability, we offer the option to make the trip in a modern Golondrina with no more charges.

If the weather is very bad or if there are a fogvery closed, it could delay the exit, pass it to another date or cancel it.



PORT a la VISTA 60'

Puerto de Barcelona.

Noticia del programa CATAKRAC de BTV PUERTO la VISTA . Salida con guía para escuelas de Las Golondrinas. Recorte del reportaje del programa CATAKRAC de Barcelona Televisión btv emitido en enero de 2016 .


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