Maintenance of Trimar

13 January 2017 Barcelona, Uncategorized

After Antina G and the Omnibus, which have passed their maintenance, now it is the Trimar’s turn. This boat was […]

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Maintenance of Omnibus

After Antina G and María del Carmen have passed their maintenance now is the turn of Omnibus. This boat,thatis, 19 […]

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Anual maintenance of the María del Carmen

On November 28th we did maintenance of the Antina G, today we share two images of the María del Carmen […]

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Shooting of advertising at Barcelona port

The port of Barcelona is a magnificent natural set for the shooting of advertising. Yesterday they were filming sequences from […]

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Christmas at Las Golondrinas

At Las Golondrinas we celebrate Christmas with a great offer! The menors 16 years will enter for free in all […]

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Interview for Barcelonautes 25TV Las Golondrinas

We have received another recognition for the Ramblista de Honor Award. We leave you the interesting interview that has made […]

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Maintenance of our boats

28 November 2016 Noticias, Uncategorized

As each year we take the maintenance of our boats very seriously and taking advantage of the short days of […]

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Un placer muy cercano: Las Golondrinas

A veces no hay que ir demasiado lejos: en Las Gafas del Viajero en La Vanguardia http://blogs.lavanguardia.com/las-gafas-del-viajero/2016/11/07/un-placer-muy-cercano-las-golondrinas-78662/

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Thanking letter for Ramblista of Honor

From Las Golondrinas, we want to thank everybody for congratulations we have received from suppliers, customers, friends, acquaintances, Barcelona and […]

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Dolphins in Barcelona

1 November 2016 Noticias, Uncategorized

Yesterday we were fortunate to have the company of a small group of dolphins on our way out along the […]

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